So today I had two tests, one for genetics and one for Biochem. This semester has been so rough with interview season, it’s like I’m stuck in a school doing toil work to get by when I’m already wanting to live in the future, of meeting new people who inspire me and make me a better person, and myself be motivated to learn and inspire others.

As soon as I got back home, I slept for hours and awoke to hear songs from J. Cole. He is personally my favorite artist because is just so sincere and brilliant in his songs. His song “Be free” reminds me of the people of Syria right now, the song’s chorus chants “Look at me, I just can’t believe, what you’ve done to me, I just wanna be free. I just wanna dream.” That’s such a hauntingly beautiful chorus. I literally had a break down when I googled images of the Syrian crisis the other day, something inside me just felt absolutely terrified and I couldn’t hold in my tears, as if I had lost someone too. I just can’t believe how a human life can be taken so easily. Most of these images were of children, and although all my friends know I dont have much patience for children, if I lived in Syria, I would be heartbroken. Children don’t understand hate, corruption, inequality, destruction. And they are forced to try to understand all of this in their world of magic and joy. It’s terribly sad. People are so busy trying to be good to go to heaven, when we should be trying to make a heaven here, on earth. 

Basically, this is what I made this blog for, to share my thoughts. I will be dead in about 60 years, (si dios quiere) but if I’m able to stir up your thoughts and maybe add some happiness or realness to your life, then that’s what I was here for. This whole earth is just a sharing of the human experience, and we all contribute to each other’s lives, whether I only see someone once in my life, they were meant to exchange a few words with me. In elementary school, my shirt had children holding hands all around the world. You grow up and realize that its not really like that. The more developed countries hold hands, while the impoverished ones do not hold hands. I just would love for my elementary shirt to become a truth.