So this week I went to interview at Baylor College of Medicine. Some time ago that was my #1 choice but I kept hearing some negative things about it, and when I went to El Paso I absolutely loved it. The distance is still kind of annoying, but besides that one major flaw, everything else is perfect. They have an MPH program you can finish in 4 years. Their curriculum is awesome, very integrated. They are right by the border so they see all kinds of crazy stuff from people hopping the border seeking medical attention. All students have to learn Spanish and every Saturday they go mountain hiking.(I LOVE mountains, they are so wise)Also a family is given to each student and you have to go to that family and check up on them like you are their family doctor. The students were very friendly, I did not see any Hispanic students which I thought was a bit weird, but the students were very friendly. I liked how I felt there, a sense of freedom and passion to learn and help one another. The faculty was so so caring, and the doctors were hilarious. And I definitely want to be a hilarious doctor, haha. I just see myself very happy there. Happiness is the key to being a doctor. I want to be surrounded by smart people but that wont undermine my accomplishments or bring me down by boasting of their superiority. I just do not like arrogance, that is my one main thing I do not like. I love confident people, but arrogance is not confidence. DONT GET IT TWISTED!!!

       Baylor college of Medicine. I had a friend tell me the people were rude and she hated it. I expected the same treatment, but to my pleasant surprise I really loved it. The students were very nice and helpful. They were honest and helpful. They have such great resources because they are in the Medical Center, so you get to see private healthcare, government, and healthcare for the uninsured. I’m still not sure if I want to do internal medicine and family practice, something tells me family practice will be more fulfilling. Baylor has a curriculum where instead of 24 months, you learn everything in 18 months and get to clinicals much faster, which is great! They also take their step 1 after 3rd year and get 6 months to study and do whatever they want! I had my best interview there, well there and El Paso have been my best, A&M has been my worst interview, the lady grilled me and I completely lost focus and control of the interview 😦 . Houston is a great city, so that’s a plus. My mom wants me to come back and live with her, because as a single mom, she’s pretty lonely. I’m thinking it would be good, sounds baby-ish, but it would be nice not to have to cook every day. I just don’t like driving in traffic. Also Baylor seemed like a very holistic school. Like quality care was the primary focus, and a lot of their students match to primary care programs: 21% internal, 7% FP, and a large number for ob/gyn and peds. For UTSW I felt like plastic surgery was a larger percentage than FP, I will always have respect for UTSW. It is a great institution, always seeking growth and excellence, I just don’t think its the right fit for me, despite the cute med students there haha. During interview they only presented their “superstars” and spoke about their nobel winning scientist and research passion. While this is great, I just wanted to hear a school that would help me become the best physician and create a learning, warm environment, not expect me to be a superstar when I step foot into the school.  (I am far from that because I have not added any new advancements to the scientific world.) I don’t know honestly where is the best for me, if I could pick I would want to end up in El Paso or Baylor. But in the end, the universe picks for me, and whatever perceptions I have of schools, I will have to do away with them and make myself happy anywhere.