Is there a God? I am personally not closely affiliated with any religion, but whenever I speak to atheists, my heart sinks. It does not sink because I am upset of their personal opinion, but fathoming a world so complex, so beautiful, so interconnected, without a God creating this all, truly saddens me. I will never understand how biology evolved human consciousness, and will never understand why the human range of emotions are so powerful and vast if all we need to do is eat, survive, and reproduce. The greatest joy I get is from giving back emotionally. No matter who I meet, they find it easy to talk to me and share their life’s stories. They know I care. The act of compassion arises from oneness. You can understand that person and feel connected to them spiritually. God is what connects all of us, and when we feel pure love, joy, and compassion, we understand that these emotions come from god, the true connection between every being of our universe. 

I think spirituality should be important to all of us. I was having a conversation with my brother the other day, and we concluded that in many ways, religion was bad for the world because it created intolerance, hate, and separation. This is not the religion itself, but the people who, with their human flaws misconstrue beautiful messages and praise values for the betterment and fortification of their egos. With only one religion existing it would all be easier , or as Emperor Ashoka, (who helped India become a Buddhist state) said that coexisting in religions was necessary and essential to their own values. Love is the principal and most important thing in life (aside from air, food, and water) and all religions stress love. So instead of having differences to segregate people, our humanness and desire for pure love should unite us.

I just finished reading a book called “Proof of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander, so it has definitely motivated me to write this blog. I loved it. I also have enjoyed Eckhart Tolle’s books on spirituality. This book was about a neurosurgeon who randomly contracted e.Coli meningitis and was in a coma for seven days. It is a good mix between spirituality and science, so within two days I devoured the book. He explains his beautiful out of body experience and how his views of spirituality changed completely. He writes about how science has stripped so much of our spiritual side, and how no matter how much we know about molecules and physics, we have no idea what causes consciousness. I don’t know how exactly to review the book, there are some really good quotes in the book that completely fascinated me. My favorite one is:

                                You are loved and cherished forever.

                                       You have nothing to Fear.

                                There is nothing you can do wrong.