I have not had anything really life altering or exciting happen to my life lately. Just watching a lot of TV series like: The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Merlin. Over the past two weeks I have been eating a lot healthier and exercising about five times a week. 

   Eating healthy is actually quite simple. Lay off the carbs should be rule one, and drinking lots of water should be number two, number three should be portion control. I have gained a couple of pounds everywhere and although I still feel good about myself, I know as far as nutrition, I needed to love myself more. 

  Eating healthy has made me more aware of how good it is for one’s health. I no longer feel tired after eating because I have slashed my carb intake by more than half. I stopped eating added sweeteners even fake ones because studies show that insulin levels rise with both. To lose weight you have to have your insulin levels low, so that your body starts consuming up the stored energy you have in your liver and in your adipose tissue…aka your fat. 

   I cheat quite often. I am addicted to sweets, if I have a slice I want more. I would rather eat dessert than dinner. I am not much for fried foods and love veggies but somehow was intaking too much sugar and rice and potatoes and bread…so it showed. I am always amazed at the people who lose so much weight. I only want to lose about 20, but people that lose 100 is crazy because that’s not just hard work, its a complete new mindset. Now when I eat sweets, my portions are very small and even if I want more I control myself. It’s hard but when you condition yourself it will be easier.

  About working out, I have realized I hate running. I use to sprint in high school, but I abhor long distance. Running outside is fine, but I’m not always up for a morning run since I’m a night owl. Running on a threadmill is so dumb to me, I feel like a hamster. I get bored so easily and take way too many breaks. I have realized I am going to stop forcing myself to do workouts I hate. I enjoy lifting weights and doing push-ups so I will stick to that. Everyone should exercise to something they truly enjoy, even if you dont burn a massive amount of calories, it will be good for your heart. The most amount of weight loss actually comes from diet, so exercise is more of a way to clean out your system. 

  I know I will be sticking out to my lifestyle. I am finally listening to my body and being realistic. 1. I’m never giving up sweets. 2. I will do cardio through lifting weights and NOT running ever. 

   If you want cheap ideas on how to cook healthy go on my instagram:isislopez90

   I do p90x workouts only the leg one and the core synergistics, I also have a youtube workout playlist of workouts through isislopez90. I enjoy enviga workouts and Laura London workouts. 

   I am lazy so I hate walking to the gym, but now with my workout schedule I have no excuse because I just have to walk to my living room. I have been sore for the past 3 weeks and my heart is pumping!