I am undergoing a massive obsession with Lana Del Rey. She is just so artistic and reminds me of me ( maybe because I make myself believe so.) She is a mixture of a sweet woman mixed with a hard ass, wise soul. Love her. Well here are some of my favorite lyrics, dark and twisted but I love them

“Now my life is sweet like cinammon, like a fucking dream I’m living in.”

“Walking through the city streets, Is it by mistake or design?”

“Don’t make me sad, dont make me cry, sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough..I dont know why.”

“Try to have fun and then we die.”

“It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you…everything I do.”

“I tell you all the time…Heaven is a place for me and you, tell me all the things you wanna do.”

“It’s better than I even knew, they say that the world is built for two.”

“I’m lying in the ocean, singing your song”

“Loving you forever can’t be wrong. Even though you’re not here, wont move on!”

“And there’s no remedy for memory, your face is like a melody, it won’t leave my head.”

“Your soul is haunting me and telling me that everything is fine, but I wish I was dead.”

“Every time I close my eyes it like a dark paradise, no one compares to you, I’m scared that you wont be waiting on the other side.”

“No one is gonna take my sorrow away.”

“Fuck yeah give it to me, this is what I truly want.”

“In the land of gods and monsters, I was angel..looking to get fucked hard.”

“Life imitates art.”

“This is what makes us girls, we dont look for heaven, and we put our love first, something that we’d die for, its a curse…don’t cry about it.”

“It’s alarming, truly how disarming.”

“She says you don’t want to be like me, looking to get high for free…I’m dying.”

“that’s just the beginning of the end begun.”

“Tell them when you find true love, it lives on.”

“Tell me life is beautiful…they all think I have it all…but I am nothing without you.”

“can you picture it? Babe the life we could have lived?”

“Your love is so dope..your love is deadly.”

“Don’t break me down, I’ve been trying too long.”

“I got a war in my mind..so I just ride.”

“Don’t leave me now..don’t say goodbye…don’t turn me down..leave me out here dry.”

“I’m tired of feeling like I’m fucking crazy!!! so I just ride!”

Below is my FAVORITE music video by her..it is long, but very poetic. I love it. It gives me chills!