I have been wanting to write this blog for over a week now. I am feeling restless for sure, so I figured it would be a good time to do so. If I have errors, forgive me I am running on two hours of sleep and a busy day. I met a lady while working the other week. I work at a shoe store and she was not interested in buying anything so I was trying to hurry and clock out so I could go home and get ready for a volunteer event. She asked me what I was studying in school and she quickly found out I was studying to ultimately be a physician. She was a physician herself so we clicked right away. I asked her if she had a few minutes to spare so that we could talk and I could ask her questions about being a female physician. This was definitely one of the best conversations I have ever had with someone.

  I asked her how to deal with arrogant people who try to belittle you in med school. I hate arrogance and instead of seeing it as an insecurity those people have, it really upsets me. Dealing with people like this is vital people they are everywhere in medical school. I don’t know why it bothers me, perhaps because I am a hispanic woman and I feel like my entity represents my culture and there;s a lot of pride in our culture and feel upset when someone tries to belittle me, because I feel like my actions speaks for my culture. It is really illogical to think this way, but it is the way I have felt my whole academic life. She told me to always admit when I was wrong or did not know something and to always stay grounded. Patients will love someone who is simply them and doesn’t let some silly ego get to their heads. 

Another important lesson she shared with me, after I asked her a specific question was on motivating others. I really do not have good relationships with males and often feel like my efforts go to waste. I have tried to motivate my brothers to become good, “successful” men. I have tried pushing my older brother to pursue a college degree and my younger brother to open up a business. After sharing and opening up deeply about issues that have been troubling me and was a bad attitude to have especially as a physician, she gave me more pearls of wisdom. She made me realize that this whole time I have been pushing what I think constitutes a good life, a successful life. I have not asked them what makes them happy, what they want to do. You see often times people around us see this term success different, some people live more for the ego and some live simply for what makes them happy. (some live for god knows what!) When motivating loved ones, let’s make sure we take ourselves out the picture. Whether it is our children or brothers and sisters, we cannot choose their lives. We do not know what will ultimately make them happiest and if we truly love them, we should encourage them to do what makes them happy and what fulfills them. Success is defined very differently for everyone and honestly in America the word is a means to an end. It is as though everyone wants to attain success. For what? Why do you want to be successful? Is this going to make you happy? If happiness was the currency of this country, what profession would you be doing?