So after my first medical exam I went for a small trip in Ruidoso, New Mexico to enjoy a little bit of my freedom. On my way there I read my favorite writer’s book,The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. One of the sentences in his book states that Buddha said that happiness and unhappiness are of the same. I have been thinking about this, especially lately because I can go from a state of joy and belonging to a state of feeling lonely and hopeless. I think part of this recent mindset is because I am having a really hard time finding girl friends here, and I miss that bonding and closeness you feel when you have an amazing friend. All of my really close friends are either in Dallas or Ft. Lauderdale. I just moved to this city so I can’t expect this right away. Also the constant material to learn just makes it so stressful. Being a doctor is hard I’m starting to see that this is going to be a long road. But I chose this and I have to accept it and see the day when my hard work will pay off and I will have intimate relationships with my patients. I need to understand that my happiness and sadness are one, they both stem from each other. The happiest times when I have felt free stem off from days when I felt miserable or heartbroken, and vice versa. I choose not to accept my sadness because it makes me miserable to know that circumstances in my life are sub-par to those that made me happy, and I am truly happy when my circumstances are much better and brighter than those that made me miserable. All of it is related to circumstances, and one needs to understand that circumstances are of a fleeting state, they come and go and change for alas that is life, right? Happiness comes, sadness leaves, happiness leaves, sadness come, but they are one and they stem off from each other. It’s hard to be optimistic when life does not seem as bright and does not seem promising and it is hard to see failure in your future and misery when you are at a state of high and sheer happiness. For our own state of mind, we have to understand the fleeting state of our mindset and emotions and instead of dwelling too much on our circumstances understand that you will have misery and happiness present at the same time, but one follows the other ready to present itself when it needs to be. Accept your happiness and your sadness but know that “This too shall pass.”