Time is irrelevant when it comes to connections with souls. When two people vibrate on the same frequency it is almost impossible to deny that there is a deep understanding of the other person’s soul. Years do not have to pass by to solidify trust in that person and to be able to express yourself so truly and freely that is surprises you. That fluidity and that joy felt within is so rare when we are used to constantly have connections filled with small talk and superficial chatter.

More than a year ago I came to this city, El Paso. I did not even want to interview here and had heard horrible things about this city. When I stepped outside the plane and looked at the fresh, grand blue sky and mountains on my side, I felt free. The air invigorated me and excited me and I felt like all of it was so familiar, like this place was home. From my previous post, you know that I was disappointed and sad, but I never regretted moving here. Despite the superficial connections I made, the city always was magnificent and driving by and seeing the scenery always made me feel calm and alive. All I had to do was hope and have good feelings to attract good people my way.

I have had the amazing experience of connecting deeply with two individuals here and it has been amazing. I feel so blessed and these connections have made me feel electric inside and remind me that this is the reason why I enjoy life so much. There is nothing more beautiful than a raw, real conversation that reminds us how similar we truly are. 🙂