So I have been following the Mike Brown case for weeks now and I find something that shocks me everyday about the case and about America. When justice is an innate part of your being, it is hard not to get infuriated with the state of Ferguson and what occurred there weeks ago.

Before I get backlash from anyone let me summarize it for you guys: The reason why so many of us are enraged is because an 18 year old got shot 8 times when he was unarmed. Whether he stole something, whether his body language was aggressive, the police officers could have used so many different things like body force and taser to arrest Mike Brown. This is justice. Stealing shouldn’t justify someone’s death. And saying that Mike Brown deserved his death for this crime is absolutely abominable.

Same with Kajieme Powell who was screaming “Shoot me now! Kill me now!” while having a knife in his pocket. Could the police not have tased him or used force to put him on the ground to arrest him? If deadly force is the first go-to solution for controlling a black man and bringing justice to this country…well America, you are doing it wrong!

Powell was arrested after he was shot multiple times. Why? Why was Mike Brown’s dead body left out there for hours? Powell gave a powerful message to America. He was a mentally unstable man but perhaps he knew what he was doing. The video shows us that if a police man sees a black man screaming and mad he must be violent and they resort to killing him right away but how can a young white man who shoots a public place or school senseless not be shot down and killed on the spot?

This is not about hatred for cops. This is about hatred for injustice.

This is not about white people being racists. This is about racist people.

What is infuriating to us who support Mike Brown is that people who have been so guarded and inexperienced in life experiences and adversity can claim that racism does not exist. That the lives of people today are not affected by racism and opportunities are not taken away because of racism. That racism is an excuse used by blacks to justify their high jail rates, impoverishment, and overall unequal representation in the nation in terms of power.

The African-American community definitely has its problems. It is a fact that slavery ended not that long ago, that the 60’s was just yesterday and that racism exists today. The scope of history extends for thousands of years and the history of blacks in America has just recently started. You cannot expect generations of enslavement, illiteracy and then little rights to all of a sudden within a few decades to become a generation with a culture that is all about academics and makes their way up to control the system of capitalism.

What really motivated me to write this all is an article talking about Ferguson on the Economist. The comments were so appalling that I decided to give my take on this. This newspaper is meant to be for more educated individuals and the comments reminded me of the early eugenics movement. People still to this day blame genetics for so many things in order for their little brains to ignore all the social, economic, and cultural implications history has on people.

This article is called “The Lessons of Ferguson.” It is a great article, however the comments were so racists and kept saying that black people were inherently dumb and inferior and deserve all these problems because it is all their faults for being inferior. A perfect example of a comment such as the many on these is:

“A race-based quota system is ALREADY in place. The problem is that blacks cannot pass the entrance exam. They cannot read or write. If they cannot read or write then they cannot read the law and apply it fairly, and they cannot write reports that are admitted into the court system.

Blacks are failing in every school system in the US. The reason is genetic and IQ. No matter which country Africans live in, even when attending “enriched” school systems, they continue to fail and have a “flat” IQ of 70…with very few able to read or write above a 5th grade level.

We are different and no progress is going to be made until that fact of our differentness based on genetics is realized and only then will the research come out that will affectively assist blacks and Africans in reaching parity…or as a class, be classified as ‘special’…and accomodations made for them.”

So you are going to tell me that people with this mind set do not exist? And you are going to tell me that racism has no impact on the opportunities and mindset of blacks in America?

So when you want to ask why Mike Brown’s body was left out there, why the police officer was donated more money than Brown’s family, why being black and walking down the street would get you more attention from the police than being white? Why why why can continue for a very long time.

The answer can be definitely linked to this:

Because racism exists today and has been a long part of our beautiful and “fair” American system. If you are not black or other minority you may not experience this and see how it affects you everyday. But to say that it doesn’t exist and impact the DAILY lives of African Americans, you are being foolish and idealistic.

Racism leads people, even highly educated people to think so illogically and unscientifically and then act on those beliefs. For as long as rampant racism exists telling our brains that every young black man is violent (even genetically so) injustice will follow.

So to my Black Americans, understand the state of America but I encourage you to lift each other up, to read to your children before bed and encourage them to seek higher levels of education. To teach them about budgeting money and saving (something my Honduran mom did not teach me and now I’m not the best with money) to get them to be proud of being black and knowing their history but to be eager to change the future of America. If you are already doing this and encouraging the success of the community, keep doing it, you are shaping the future. Let’s use this horrible time in our history to gear up for the future and new history and new ideologies.

For us all, let’s open our hearts and mind to justice and love. If we get thoughts of hate and intolerance lets reason with our brains and let those thoughts leave us and not reflect our actions. As humans were are so alike and all these differences made up by the world, history and egos must be minimized so that we can evolve our minds in order to create a better world for the human species.